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Fixus 55

The Fixus 55 Hybrid System is a design achievement that advances the possibilities of limb reconstruction. It offers unlimited possibilities in angulation, translation, and rotation. It consists of light weight aluminium 2/3 and 1/3 rings capable of supporting up to 4 wires and/or pins. A full ring may be constructed by joining 1/3 and 2/3 components. The Fixus 55 combines the principles of circular ring and modular frame fixation to better neutralise the forces acting upon the fracture site.

55 Hybrid system designed to increase the strength of the frame, giving more stability with fewer components. Why stack up more than five rings for single level procedures when one or two rings give you all the strength and stability you need?!

Hybrid System

Hybrid external fixation has proven very successful in the treatment of peri-articular fractures of the tibia. The Fixus 55 may be used to stabilise metaphyseal fractures, especially in osteoporotic bone, or severe comminuted injuries where normal pins may loosen due to repetitive loading.

Other trauma indications are severe multi-fragmentary tibial plateau and pilon fractures with severe soft tissue injury, or distal femoral fractures with soft tissue damage. Imagine all the options if multiple rings are used in combination with 1 or more fixators: Limb lenghtening, Bone transport, Gradual deformity correction, Arthrodesis, Joint contracture, Articulated distraction.

Features and benefits

- Fixus 55 Hybrid System is fully compatible with the Fixus 33 / 66 / 99 systems
- Unlimited possibilities, and rapid assembly
- Optimal stability.
- Simple and effective instrumentation
- Positioning of the wire/pin above or below the ring.
- Allows angulation and rotation for deformity correction
- Full ring set to protect soft tissue
- Fewer components than traditional systems reduces time, reduced inventory and optimum cost effectiveness


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